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Fellow eye in angle-closure glaucoma.
  1. S. W. Hyams,
  2. Z. Friedman and
  3. C. Keroub


    118 consecutive patients with angle-closure glaucoma (ACG) were investigated. The primarily affected eye presented with acute ACG in 71 patients, with intermittent or chronic ACG in 41, and with acute ACG secondary to intumescent cataract in six. ACG was demonstrated in the fellow eye in 85 of the 118 patients (72 per cent.), including 72, 71, and 83 per cent. respectively of the three groups distinguished above. In 27 fellow eyes, ACG was demonstrable only by provocative testing. Eleven patients failed to return for follow-up investigation. A routine prophylactic peripheral iridectomy in the fellow eye is justified in patients who are unlikely to attend for follow-up examinations,, but may be avoided in about 23 per cent. of patients who attend regularly.

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