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Fitting contact lenses after keratoplasty.
  1. R. Daniel


    Even when a clear corneal graft results from keratoplasty spectacles or contact lenses may still be needed for reasonable vision. In a series of patients treated at the contact lens department, Moorfields Eye Hospital, a transparent graft and functional improvement resulted in about 90 per cent of cases. One hundred of these successful cases are reviewed and the problems of achieving a reasonable visual acuity for the patients discussed. Of those who are needed a visual aid 41 preferred a corneal contact lens. The particular difficulties of fitting these are reviewed and the need for a flexible procedure to meet the varying circumstances emphasized. The methods adopted in the cases under review are described. In the 100 eyes visual acuities of 6/6 were attained in 29, 6/9 in 36, and 6/12 in 17.

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