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Early and late results of fascia lata transplantation in high myopia.
  1. A. P. Nesterov,
  2. N. B. Libenson and
  3. A. V. Svirin


    Transplantation of a strip of fascia lata to strengthen the posterior sclera in high progressive myopia was performed on 184 eyes of 108 patients with myopia ranging from 7 to 39 D. Three weeks after surgery visual acuity with correction had improved by 0-1 to 0-5 in 151 eyes (82 per cent) and refractive power had decreased by 1 to 8 D in 169 eyes (92 per cent). In 105 eyes (67 patients) that were followed-up for periods of from 1 to 9 years myopia increased in six by 0-5 to 3 D. In 29 patients who had an operation on only one eye and were then followed-up for periods of from 1 to 7 years the degree of myopia in the fellow eye increased by 1-5 to 6 D in 24 (83 per cent), and of the eyes that were operated on myopia increased by 0-5 to 3 D in only 5 (17 per cent).

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