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Visually evoked cortical potentials in the evaluation of homonymous and bitemporal visual field defects.
  1. H. G. Wildberger,
  2. G. H. Van Lith,
  3. R. Wijngaarde and
  4. G. T. Mak


    Visually evoked cortical potentials were studied in six patients with a homonymous and six with a bitemporal hemianopia by presenting a pattern-reversal stimulus separately to a temporal or nasal retinal area and by recording the responses from leads over the hemispheres. Homonymous visual field defects are characterized by a reduction of VECPs from the affected hemisphere. The disturbance of VECPs in bitemporal hemianopia is more serious, since the fibres from both retinal halves may be damaged by a chiasm tumour.

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