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Mycotic keratitis in Nigeria. A study of 21 cases.
  1. H C Gugnani,
  2. R S Talwar,
  3. A N Njoku-Obi and
  4. H C Kodilinye


    A clinical and mycological study of 21 cases of mycotic keratitis, a clinical entity not yet reported from Nigeria or West Africa, showed that Fusarium solani was the predominant aetiological agent. It was isolated from 12 cases. Four of the remaining nine cases were caused by Aspergillus fumigatus, one by A. flavus, two by Penicillium citrinum, and one each by P. expansum and Penicillium sp. All the 12 isolates of F. solani grew well at 37 degrees C and survived at 40 degrees C. Two cases, one due to F. solani and the other to A. fumigatus, were accompanied by panophthalmitis.

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