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Cataract after exposure to non-ionizing radiant energy.
  1. M M Zaret,
  2. W Z Snyder and
  3. L Birenbaum


    The case histories of two individuals exposed to thermal radiation emitted from an electric oven and range were presented. In one patient, earlier exposure to medical diathermy appears to have initiated delayed or late-appearing, capsular cataracts. Instead of the anticipated slow progression, the cataractogenesis was accelerated following recent, repeated exposure to the intense, infrared radiation. In the other patient, exposed solely to infrared radiation, a chorioretinal lesion indistinguishable from the type characteristically secondary to repeated, thermal radiation was observed. More recently, the earliest sign of thermal radiation cataractogenesis, capsular opacification, has become evident. The widespread availability of radiant energy sources such as diathermy machines, microwave ovens, and electric ovens and ranges makes it imperative to examine carefully any possible hazards that may result from their use. With this in mind, radiant energy should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cataractogenesis.

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