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Differences and similarities in a series of cases with bilateral intraocular lenses and evaluation of the results.
  1. J. Boberg-Ans


    A review is given of the results of intraocular lens implantation in 38 patients, that is, 76 eyes. The observation time was up to 7 1/2 years. Only 5 cases were done as a secondary procedure. The Binkhorst 4-loop lens was preferred. Most of the lenses were fixated with an iris-lens suture. Out of 8 lens luxations 2 were fixed with an iris suture. The final visual acuity and the difference in refraction in spherical as well as cylindrical power are surveyed. The astigmatism and the astigmatic axis are compared in the 2 eyes of each patient. Most of the patients regained stereoscopic vision. It is concluded that neither the lens position, the lens type, the number of iris sutures, nor the number of iridectomies had any influence on the eventual results.

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