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Bee and wasp stings of the eye. Retained intralenticular wasp sting: A case report.
  1. M. Gilboa,
  2. M. Gdal-On and
  3. S. Zonis


    Two different stages should be considered in the management of bee and wasp stings to the eye. The first is the acute stage of activity of the specific insect venom on the structures the eye. The reaction of the eye to the particular insult is considered here in regard to the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. The second stage is that of the retained intraocular foreign body, the inert sting. Little is known about the reaction of the eye to the presence of chitinous sting and its effect on the structures of the eye. We report a follow-up study of a sting retained for 28 years, and emphasise the benign and quiescent course of the case. Guidelines for treatment and management in such cases are described.

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