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Mixed glaucoma.
  1. S W Hyams,
  2. C Keroub and
  3. E Pokotilo


    Two hundred and sixty-seven eyes which underwent peripheral iridectomy for presumed angle-closure glaucoma were investigated. The diagnosis of angle-closure glaucoma was confirmed postoperatively in 258 eyes, in 201 of which the intraocular pressure became normal without further treatment and in 57 of which the postiridectomy IOP was elevated because of visible damage to the anterior chamber angle. Three eyes had open-angle glaucoma with a narrow angle. Six eyes had possible mixed (combined mechanism) glaucoma (2-2%). Mixed glaucoma is a rare, fortuitous combination of open-angle and angle-closure glaucoma rather than a distinct entity, and it might be advisable to avoid the term, which tends to be used for primary glaucomas of uncertain classification.

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