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Immunoglobulins in tear in trachoma patients.
  1. D. K. Sen,
  2. G. S. Sarin and
  3. K. Saha


    Tear immunoglobulin concentrations have been measured in 100 healthy people and 62 patients in different stages of trachoma. In healthy people the average IgA level was 27-8 mg/100 ml. There was no significant difference in the IgA level in various age groups and between the sexes. IgG was detected in 92 samples, and it was less than 1 mg/100 ml. IgM in tears was detected in only one sample. IgD was not detected in any specimen. In tracoma cases, the mean IgA level was found to be significantly lower (22-0 mg/100 ml) than in healthy people. There was no significant difference in IgA level between different stages of trachoma, IgG, IgD, and IgM could not be detected in any sample from the trachoma cases.

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