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Pseudophakic pupillary-block glaucoma.
  1. D. Werner and
  2. M. Kaback


    Four cases of iris-supported pseudophakic pupillary-block glaucoma were presented. Pupillary-block glaucoma is the first postoperative complication seen following the implantation of an intraocular lens, and in our series occurred at an incidence of 3-8%. A short review was made of pupillary-block glaucoma with all types of intraocular lenses, with emphasis on the iris-supported lens. The role of inflammation, haemorrhage, and vitreous and lens material in obstructing aqueous flow at the pupil and peripheral iridectomy site was emphasised. Pitfalls in the diagnosis and management of this condition were reviewed. Methods of prevention and treatment were reviewed with emphasis on early mydriasis, along with carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and hyperosmotic agents as a primary medical treatment. Iridectomy, laser iridotomy, or transfixation of the iris was mentioned as a surgical treatment.

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