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Association between acute glaucoma and the weather and sunspot activity.
  1. J S Hillman and
  2. J D Turner


    The dates of presentation of 191 cases of acute closed-angle glaucoma which presented at the Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital between 1971 and 1974 were analysed and the seasonal incidence of acute glaucoma confirmed (P less than 0-001). These data were compared with meteorological data for air temperature, rainfall, hours of sunshine, atmospheric pressure, cloud amount, terrestrial magnetic field level, and sunspot numbers. A statistically significant direct association (P less than 0-05) was found with hours of sunshine and an inverse association (P greater than 0-05) with cloud amount. A statistically significant inverse association (P less than 0-05) was found with sunspot count, and this assumed high significance (P less than 0-0005) on consideration of sunspot activity in the preceding period. The literature is reviewed and the significance of these findings discussed.

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