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Infection following retinal detachment surgery.
  1. J S Lean and
  2. A H Chignell


    Since the introduction of gentamicin (given both as a soaked sponge and as an injection below Tenon's capsule at the end of surgery) no case of early infection either with or without intraocular signs after operation for retinal detachment has occurred in a series of 206 cases comprising 243 operations. However, late infection many months after operation has appeared in 3 cases (1-5%), though this rate appears to have been favourably influenced by the administration of gentamicin. Local or systemic side effects from the administration of gentamicin have not been seen, and therefore the sub-Tenon injection in the quadrant where the sponge has been placed is strongly advocated in all cases of surgery for retinal detachment when such sponges are used.

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