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The O'Connor cinch revisited.
  1. A. T. Williams,
  2. H. S. Metz and
  3. A. Jampolsky


    The modified O'Connor cinch operation is a useful, but little used, adjustable resection operation. For increased understanding of its shortening and adjustment characteristics, a standard cinch was performed in animals and patients with strabismus. Animal studies showed that, as each strand of the cinch was removed, a small, relatively equal release of the cinch effect occurred. Measurement of the shortening obtained in patients with strabismus showed a consistent resection effect of about 4 mm. Review of 17 cases in which the cinch was used as part of the surgical treatment showed the technique to be adjustable by reducing the overcorrection in 6 cases. Ten to 20 prism dioptres of reduction in the deviation was obtained with adjustment of the cinch on the first postoperative day. All 17 cases had satisfactory adjustment. The largest residual deviation was 12 prism dioptres.

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