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Mastering the donor eye: a new device for obtaining donor corneal discs.
  1. A D Steele and
  2. D Pierse


    In recognition of the many inexactitudes involved in cutting donor corneal discs, a new instrument is here described which should help to eliminate many of then, and its mode of use is outlined. For a long time instruments available to assist the corneal surgeon in his management of donor material have been inadequate. Many devices are awkward to use, or give rise to donor discs of an unreliable or uneven edge profile. In an attempt to overcome these difficulties we have designed, produced and tested a new instrument which we feel represents an advance. Because different surgeons use fresh or stored material, and because some prefer to trephine from the epithelial surface while others opt to punch from the endothelium, we have endeavoured to meet all these requirements.

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