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Fluorescence in Best's vitelliform dystrophy, lipofuscin, and fundus flavimaculatus.
  1. S. A. Miller


    Control photographs, with the Baird Atomic B4 and B5 filters in place prior to fluorescein injection, show exposure of the film corresponding to (1) the small yellow vitelliform lesions at the edge of a disrupted disc, (2) the pseudohpopyon in a vitelliform cyst, (3) orange lipofuscin overlying a malignant melanoma, and (4) some of the flecks in a case of funds flavimaculatus. Because of transmission overlap between the filters, the relative contribtution reflected light and true autofluorescence is difficult to quantitate. Reflectile structures such as the optic nerve or a white scar were essentially unexposed, but minimal fundus detail was seen. Some parallels exist between lipofuscin and the content of a disrupted vitelliform lesion.

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