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The intraocular penetration of cefuroxime after parenteral administration.
  1. A B Richards,
  2. A J Bron,
  3. B McLendon,
  4. M R Kennedy and
  5. S R Walker


    Cefuroxime (Zinacef) is a new second generation cephalosporin which is resistant to beta-lactamases produced by both Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms, with an antibacterial spectrum that includes practically all likely ocular pathogens except pseudomonas. It is shown to penetrate into the eye after intravenous (1.5g) or intramuscular (1 g) injection and achieve therapeutic concentrations, with absence of side effects. Cefuroxime is therefore a useful antibiotic for ophthalimic infections and should have a role in combination with gentamicin in intraocular infections, particularly those of unknown aetiology.

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