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Intraocular pressure reduction in chronic simple glaucoma by continuous infusion of dilute pilocarpine solution.
  1. A. T. Birmingham,
  2. N. R. Galloway and
  3. D. A. Walker


    Ten hospital outpatients with bilateral chronic simple glaucoma received a single drop of 2% pilocarpine to one eye and a continuous infusion of 0.1 % pilocarpine at a flow rate of 0.01 ml/min to the other eye (both solutions were at pH 7.2). On another occasion the treatments were reversed. Measurements of intraocular pressure (IOP) and pupil diameter were made at 30 min intervals for 2 hours. The continuous infusion of dilute solution was as effective as the single drop of more concentrated solution in reducing IOP and in constricting the pupil; the drop was somewhat faster in producing its effect.

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