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Ocular involvement in scleroderma.
  1. R. H. West and
  2. A. J. Barnett


    Thirty-eight patients with scleroderma (progressive systemic sclerosis) without renal failure were subjected to detailed clinical ophthalmic assessment. Abnormalities were frequent. However, many of these, including lens opacities, vitreous frosting, and arteriosclerotic changes, were considered to be age-related, and there were various incidental changes. Posterior subcapsular lens opacities in one patient were probably corticosteroid-induced. Changes related to scleroderma included eyelid abnormalities (stiffness or tightness in 11, telangiectasia in 8), deficient tear secretion (14 cases), and conjunctival abnormalities (injection 19 cases, vascular sludging 27 cases). Iris light reflux (6 cases) was possibly related to scleroderma. The changes related to scleroderma occurred in the 3 types classified according to the extent of skin involvement.

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