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Macular pigment deposits in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.
  1. G P Theodossiadis and
  2. S N Kokolakis


    This is a study of 20 cases of macular migration after operation for retinal detachment. The frequency of pigment deposits on the macula among the total number of operated detachments was 6.4%. The evolution of pigment migration depened on the form and type of the deposits. In some cases the pigment diminished or disappeared. In 6 of the 20 eyes with pigment migration puckering of the macula occurred 4 months or more after surgery. The improvement in visual acuity 6 months and more after operation was relatively less in the group with pigment deposits than in the group without pigment. In the former group static perimetry showed defects corresponding to the pigment migration.

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