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Prognostic significance of aqueous humour lactic dehydrogenase activity.
  1. P L Dias


    The lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) activity of the aqueous humour has been estimated in both eyes of 7 patients having uniocular retinoblastoma. In 1 patient the aqueous humour LDH activity in the healthy eye was above normal, but there was no clinical evidence of malignancy. Tumour tissue was detected in this eye 9 months later, and the aqueous humour showed a rise in LDH activity. A high LDH activity persisted even after irradiation, though no tumour tissue was visible ophthalmoscopically. It is suggested that the estimation of the LDH activity in the aqueous humour of the healthy eye in cases of uniocular retinoblastoma might be of value in the early detection of a bilateral retinoblastoma.

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