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Correlation of aqueous humour lactic acid dehydrogenase activity with intraocular pathology.
  1. P L Dias


    An analysis of the lactic acid dehydrogenase (LDH) activity in the aqueous humour of 24 enucleated eyes with retinoblastoma showed that though there was no relationship between the LDH levels and the age of the patient, there appeared to be an increase in the LDH activity with increase in the duration of the tumour. Undifferentiated tumour cells and tumour cell necrosis seemed to contribute to an increase of LDH levels in the aqueous humour, but there was no relationship between the occurrence of calcification and the LDH secretion into the aqueous humour. Massive cell necrosis caused by radiotherapy and central retinal artery occlusion significantly increased the LDH levels in the aqueous. It also appeared that recurrence was common after external cobalt therapy and that secondary extension of the tumour into the optic nerve and choroid was favoured by this procedure.

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