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Trabeculectomy versus Scheie's operation: a comparative retrospective study in open-angle glaucoma in Kenyans.
  1. N J Bakker and
  2. S I Manku


    A comparative retrospective study was performed on 39 patients with open-angle glaucoma in whom the right eye was subjected to Scheie's operation, the left to trabeculectomy. Trabeculectomy without the use of additional therapy or reoperation brought the intraocular pressure to under 22 mmHg in 80% of the cases compared with 74% treated by Scheie's operation. Reduction of visual acuity postoperatively was 4 times more frequent with Scheie's operation than with trabeculectomy. A report on a second group of patients in whom 47 trabeculectomies were performed is also given.

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