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Comparison of Snellen acuity, VER acuity, and Arden grating scores in macular and optic nerve diseases.
  1. H W Skalka


    Patients with various macular and optic nerve abnormalities underwent Snellen acuity, transient VER acuity, and Arden grating testing. Snellen acuity was the coarsest of the 3 evaluations, generally falling after Arden scores and VER acuity had already undergone significant degradation. The Arden gratings appeared to be the most sensitive of the 3 tests, equalling VER performance in optic nerve diseases and surpassing it in macular diseases. Variations in results between the different tests are generally understandable if one considers the functions tested by each and the anatomical derangements caused by the diseases in question. The Arden grating test appears to be an excellent and sensitive screening test for central visual disturbances.

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