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Permanent retinal damage following massive dapsone overdose.
  1. D J Kenner,
  2. K Holt,
  3. R Agnello and
  4. G H Chester


    A massive dose of 7.5 g of 4,4'-diamino, diphenyl sulphone (dapsone) taken as a suicide attempt in a patient on long-term therapy for tuberculoid leprosy resulted in permanent bilateral retinal necrosis, previously unreported side effect of this drug. The patient developed a severe haemolytic anaemia, methaemoglobinaemia, and acute renal failure requiring peritoneal dialysis. It is proposed that the retinal damage was due to a combination of severe hypoxaemia and the physical effects of red cell fragmentation producing vascular occlusion in the macular and perimacular region, with consequent ischaemic necrosis.

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