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Abnormal intraocular pressure control in systemic hypertension and diabetic mellitus.
  1. B. I. Williams,
  2. W. S. Peart and
  3. E. Letley


    Retinal vein obstruction is a common complication of the retinopathy seen in patients with chronic hypertension. Previous studies have shown an abnormal control of intraocular pressure in response to changes of posture in patients with retinal vein obstruction. This paper describes the results of the investigation of the intraocular pressure response in 57 normotensive healthy adults and in 95 hypertensive patients, with a short study of 14 diabetic patients. Both hypertensive and diabetic groups showed abnormal responses. The possible significance of these findings as the expression of a fundamental anomaly by patients who develop either hypertension or diabetes is discussed.

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