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Effect of cyclosporin A on the survival of corneal grafts in rabbits.
  1. W F Shepherd,
  2. D J Coster,
  3. T C Fook,
  4. N S Rice and
  5. B R Jones


    Cyclosporin A given to rabbits intramuscularly in a dose of 25 mg/kg/day for up to 28 days after corneal transfer results in a marked prolongation in the survival of penetrating corneal grafts compared to that in an untreated control group. Cyclosporin A 1% drops did not prolong survival of the corneal graft, but this may be related to the need for skin transfer 14 days after corneal transfer to ensure rejection, and supports the idea that the drug plays an immunosuppressive role at the time and place of sensitisation.

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