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Identification of T and B lymphocytes in the human conjunctiva and lacrimal gland in ocular diseases.
  1. R Belfort, Jr and
  2. N F Mendes


    The presence and localisation of T and B lymphocytes in biopsy specimens of human conjunctiva and lacrimal gland from 34 patients were studied in frozen sections. Eighteen patients had follicular conjunctivitis, 13 patients had Sjögren's syndrome, and 3 were normal. All cases of follicular conjunctivitis showed a similar picture. B cells were in higher number than T cells, but both types of lymphocytes were present in the infiltrates. In the developed follicles T cells occupied the periphery and B cells the central part of the infiltrates. In patients with Sjögren's syndrome the conjunctival biopsies showed a higher number of B lymphocytes. The number of T cells was higher in the lesions from Sjögren's syndrome than in cases of follicular conjunctivitis. The infiltrate in lacrimal gland biopsies showed T cells which were scattered while B cells were more numerous and formed clusters close to vessels. Normal conjunctiva and lacrimal gland showed no adherence of either sheep erythrocytes or human erythrocytes sensitised with antibody and complement.

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