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Eclipse retinopathy.
  1. S. P. Dhir,
  2. A. Gupta and
  3. I. S. Jain


    Ten patients (13 eyes) suffered from varying degrees of eclipse retinopathy during a solar eclipse on 16 February 1980. There was no correlation between severity of the fundus lesions and the visual acuity. In 8 of the 10 eyes available for follow-up 6/6 or better visual acuity was seen. Early fluorescein studies revealed microleaks in 3 eyes (2 patients) and masking of choroidal fluorescence in 1 eye; however, 1 to 3 weeks later these eyes showed only faint window defects. It is postulated that in mild to moderate lesions there is a transient retinal capillary spasm, producing oedema in anterior retinal layers. Fluorescein angiography in such patients reveals no abnormality or only masking of choroidal fluorescence. However, severe cases develop micropunctures in the tight junctions of the pigment epithelium, leading to microleaks, which are sealed within a short period.

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