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Double-masked cross-over comparison of Ganda 1.02 (guanethidine 1% and adrenaline 0.2% mixture) with gutt. adrenaline 1% (Simplene 1%) and with pilocarpine 1% (Sno-Pilo 1%).
  1. J. H. Romano,
  2. S. Nagasubramanian and
  3. D. Poinoosawmy


    A trial of the efficacy of low-concentration nonmiotic therapy was carried out, the aim being to minimise the side effects produced by 1% adrenaline or pilocarpine. A total of 77 eyes with open-angle glaucoma were studied in both parts of the trial. Thirty-nine eyes had a base-line pressure of over 28 mmHg and 28 eyes a pressure of 30 mmHg or over. In the comparison between Ganda 1.02 and adrenaline 1% (Simplene) the mean lowering of intraocular pressure was 8.6 mmHg with Ganda and 7.69 mmHg with Simplene. In the comparison between Ganda 1.02 and pilocarpine 1% (Sno-Pilo) the mean decrease was 6.34 mmHg with Ganda and 6.13 mmHg with Sno-Pilo. The resulting falls in intraocular pressure were highly significant statistically, but the differences between the effects of the 3 drugs were not significant. No significant side effects were reported with Ganda 1.02, and in particular no ptosis or superficial punctate staining of the cornea was noted.

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