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Systemic factors in patients with low-tension glaucoma.
  1. I. Goldberg,
  2. F. C. Hollows,
  3. M. A. Kass and
  4. B. Becker


    Nineteen patients (38 eyes) with low-tension glaucoma were compared with 53 subjects (106 eyes) with ocular hypertension. Comparable for age and sex, the 2 groups were assessed with respect to haematological and biochemical criteria, physical activity, and medical history. Statistical analyses of the differences between the 2 groups highlighted the importance of diastolic ophthalmodynamometry levels, prediagnosis exercise habits, cardiovascular disease status, and possibly systolic blood pressure. Patients with low-tension glaucoma suffered a higher prevalence of multiple abnormalities of these systemic factors than did their ocular hypertensive counterparts. There were no significant differences between the 2 groups with respect to the many other factors examined.

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