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Dynamic vergence eye movements in strabismus and amblyopia: asymmetric vergence.
  1. R V Kenyon,
  2. K J Ciuffreda and
  3. L Stark


    This report investigates line-of-sight asymmetric disparity vergence in patients having either intermittent strabismus, constant strabismus with amblyopia, or amblyopia without strabismus. We find an absence of disparity vergence in all patients with strabismus and in some with amblyopia only. Accommodative vergence and saccades place the dominant eye on the targets moving in depth. These accommodative vergence responses have normal dynamic characteristics, thus indicating a properly functioning vergence motor system. We purpose there is a higher-level central defect in which incoming information of one eye is suppressed, so that the disparity vergence system is rendered inoperable.

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