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Chlamydial immunofluorescence serology in anterior uveitis.
  1. L Mattila,
  2. L Salminen and
  3. P Terho


    Chlamydial immunofluorescence (IF) serology was determined in 118 patients with acute anterior uveitis (AAU), half of whom had anti-chlamydia antibodies. Men and women were equally affected. The chlamydial IF antibody titre was generally 1/16-64, but a few higher values were also measured. The age distribution, ocular pathology, and duration of AAU were identical in the chlamydial seropositive and seronegative patient groups. In the seropositive group there were 3 men with Reiter's syndrome. The prevalence of anti-chlamydia antibodies (50%) was higher than in other patients studied in the same laboratory. Further population studies are in progress to see whether our AAU patients represent an accumulation of chlamydial-positive persons.

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