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Keratoconjunctivitis artefacta.
  1. J L Jay,
  2. S Grant and
  3. S B Murray


    Six cases of keratoconjunctivitis caused by self-inflicted injury are described. The diagnosis is suggested by the combination of the characteristic sharply delineated lesions localised in the more accessible inferior and nasal quadrants of the bulbar conjunctiva and cornea, together with the unconcerned attitude of the patient and other psychological features. Secondary post-traumatic erosions, infections, and allergies may complicate the clinical appearances, and other functional eye disturbances including corneal anaesthesia may be detected. In all cases the eye condition resolved with a sympathetic but authoritative approach avoiding direct accusation. Avoidance of feelings about bereavement or sexual relationships were directly related to the onset of symptoms in 3 cases. In some patients the psychological mechanism seemed inaccessible and they continued to produce new self-inflicted diseases with considerable physical and psychological morbidity. These more intractable cases need psychiatric investigation but usually resist referral.

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