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Extracapsular cataract extraction - some problems.
  1. R J Smith,
  2. R Doran and
  3. A Caswell


    Comments are made on the method of removing the anterior capsule during the performance of extracapsular cataract operations. The difficulty of performing this manoeuvre adequately is emphasised. Observations carried out during the postoperative period by means of the slit-lamp revealed some hitherto undescribed changes in the capsule. The edge of the anterior capsule can be clearly seen and looks like broken glass. Fine fibrils have been observed attached to the fractured capsular edge. In the early postoperative period the anterior capsule tends to be separated from the posterior by quite a deep space, but at an early stage, usually about the fourth day, the edge of the anterior capsule becomes adherent to the posterior capsule, and rather rapidly a dense fibrous line forms along the joint.

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