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Primary orbital schwannomas.
  1. J Rootman,
  2. C Goldberg and
  3. W Robertson


    Seven histologically proved cases of primary orbital schwannoma have been seen at the University of British Columbia Orbital Clinic between September 1976 and December 1980. We describe here their varied clinical presentations, preoperative investigations, operative findings, and appearances on light and electron microscopy. Although no single feature is pathognomonic, a multiplicity of clinical, radiographic, and surgical features point to this lesion. Of preoperative investigations the computed tomography scan was the most helpful, especially in localising the lesion. Of the 7, 4 were intraconal and 3 were extraconal. The surgical approach was dictated by tumour site and included anterior, lateral, and panoramic orbitotomies. At surgery the nerve of origin of 4 of the tumours was identified. All tumours were excised totally or subtotally. There has been no recurrence to date.

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