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Ocular motility in alternating squints: an electro-oculographic study.
  1. P. Prakash,
  2. A. K. Grover,
  3. P. K. Khosla and
  4. D. K. Gahlot


    Ocular movements were studied electro-oculographically in 10 normal subjects and 10 patients with alternating strabismus. Fixation and pursuit movements and to a less extent the saccadic movements were observed to be abnormal in patients with alternating strabismus. The defect in pursuit movements was shown to be statistically significant. There was no correlation between the extent of ocular motor abnormalities and the angle of deviation or the size of facultative suppression scotoma. The possible common pathological mechanism leading to the ocular motor abnormalities qualitatively similar to those reported earlier in strabismus and anisometropic amblyopes are discussed.

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