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Corneal graft rejection: a new rabbit model and cyclosporin-A.
  1. P A Hunter,
  2. A Garner,
  3. K R Wilhelmus,
  4. N S Rice and
  5. B R Jones


    In order to test the efficacy of topically applied cyclosporin-A in preventing corneal allograft rejection, existing rabbit models were modified to produce a new model in which the allograft reaction could be consistently initiated solely as a result of corneal transfer without any additional means of sensitisation. With this model, which reflects clinical corneal grafting more closely than many previous models, cyclosporin-A 1% drops applied to the recipient eye 5 times daily for 4 weeks inhibited corneal graft rejection. When cyclosporin-A 1% drops were applied to corneal allografts for 13 weeks, 44% of grafts remained clear 180 days after transplantation. No side effects were observed that could be attributed to topically applied cyclosporin-A.

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