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Oxytetracycline in the treatment of ocular rosacea: a double-blind trial.
  1. R S Bartholomew,
  2. B J Reid,
  3. M J Cheesbrough,
  4. M Macdonald and
  5. N R Galloway


    Thirty-five patients with ocular rosacea were admitted to a trial of systemic oxytetracycline, 250 mg b.d. for 6 weeks. Oxytetracycline produced a significantly higher number of remissions than the placebo, 11/35. With repeated or continuous treatment 19/35 patients achieved a sustained remission for 8 months. There were no side effects. The nonspecific signs of ocular rosacea responded well to the treatment, but no permanent change in the conjunctival or corneal vascularisation occurred.

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