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Anterior segment consequences of blunt ocular injury.
  1. Y M Canavan and
  2. D B Archer


    The anterior segments of 212 eyes (205 patients) were evaluated one to 14 years after contusional eye injuries. Anterior chamber angle recession was the commonest complication, occurring in 153 of 190 eyes examined (80.5%). However, only one patient developed ocular hypertension. Iris abnormalities were found in 37.3% of eye injured, the most common abnormalities being marginal tears and pupillary defects. Cataract or lens dislocation attributable to trauma occurred in 24.5% of eyes, but most lens opacities were localised, stationary, and not associated with significant loss of vision. 15.4% of eyes developing lens opacities had cataract extraction within 18 months of the injury. Functional corneal sequelae were rare, but occasionally corneal opacities masked perforating injuries.

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