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Night vision in a case of vitamin A deficiency due to malabsorption.
  1. I Perlman,
  2. D Barzilai,
  3. T Haim and
  4. A Schramek


    Night vision was tested electroretinographically and psychophysically in a vitamin A deficient patient before and after therapy. Vitamin A deficiency resulted from malabsorption due to a jeujunoileal bypass operation. Before therapy the patient had severely reduced cone and rod function. After the reversal operation, accompanied by 5 injections of a total of 500,000 units of vitamin A, complete recovery of cone and rod functions was observed within 7 months. Shortly after therapy rod sensitivity reached the normal level, while the time course of rod adaptation remained slower than normal and the dark-adapted electroretinographic (ERG) responses were subnormal. At later stages the ERG responses reached normal amplitudes but rod adaptation stayed slow. Only after 7 months did night vision reach the normal level with regard to the time course of rod adaptation, rod sensitivity, and ERG responses.

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