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Longitudinal study of serum antibody responses to bovine retinal S-antigen in endogenous granulomatous uveitis.
  1. I W Abrahams and
  2. D S Gregerson


    Twelve patients with granulomatous uveitis were followed up longitudinally for as long as 20 months after their initial visit, and multiple serum antibody titres to bovine retinal S-antigen were determined and compared with the clinical activity at the time of each sampling. In those patients who presented with highly active lesions which then resolved during the course of the study without recurrences (7 toxoplasmosis and 1 pars planitis) the antibody titres reached a peak approximately 2 months after the initial visit and declined thereafter. No correlation of serum anti-S titres with clinical activity or predictable pattern of titres could be found in those patients who had recurrences during the course of the study (3 granulomatous iridocyclitis and 1 ocular sarcoidosis).

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