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Neonatal chlamydial eye infection: an epidemiological and clinical study.
  1. K Persson,
  2. R Rönnerstam,
  3. L Svanberg and
  4. M A Pohla


    Neonatal chlamydial eye infection was detected in 39 cases of 281 infants with purulent conjunctivitis seen at the Department of Ophthalmology. Most cases of neonatal chlamydial eye infection (90%) were detected during the first month of life, and no case was found after 2 months of age. C. trachomatis was not isolated from any of 161 healthy control infants at 3-4 weeks of age. Genital chlamydial infection was demonstrated in 50% of the mothers to infected infants. Two of these women developed post-partum complications possibly due to chlamydial infection. Mothers of infected infants tended to be younger than average. Of 23 cases examined 2 years later, late sequelae were identified in 3.

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