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Sickle cell retinopathy in Jamaican children: a search for prognostic factors.
  1. J F Talbot,
  2. A C Bird,
  3. L M Rabb,
  4. G H Maude and
  5. G R Serjeant


    Children with homozygous sickle cell (SS) disease and with sickle cell-haemoglobin C (SC) disease, aged 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 years, were examined by fluorescein angiography/angioscopy to determine the presence of retinal nonperfusion. The haematological and clinical features of children with and without nonperfusion were compared. Retinal vessel closure was significantly correlated with low total haemoglobin, and high fetal haemoglobin, reticulocyte, and irreversibly sickled cell counts in SS disease, and with high reticulocyte count in SC disease. No relationships were apparent between vessel closure and other haematological indices or clinical events in either genotype.

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