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Corneal thickness response to high and low water content lenses in aphakic eyes.
  1. S E Nilsson and
  2. J A Morris


    A high water content lens (Scanlens 75, +14.5 dioptres) and a low water content lens (Bausch and Lomb Soflens H3, +14.5 dioptres) were compared with respect to corneal thickness response after 6 hours of wear in a provocative test on 12 aphakic eyes. The mean increase in central corneal thickness was 3.3% for Scanlens and 6.4% for Soflens. This difference is statistically highly significant (p less than 0.001). There seems to be a correlation between the response to Scanlens and that to Soflens when the responses of each eye were plotted against each other. Average lens thickness correlated somewhat better with corneal thickness increase than did central lens thickness.

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