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Bilateral and unilateral mesodermal corneal metaplasia.
  1. V Klauss and
  2. K Riedel


    We report on 2 infants, one with a bilateral and the other with a unilateral corneal metaplasia. The first case with bilateral corneal metaplasia showed shortening of both upper and lower lids with formation of symblephara. By ultrasonography the right eye presented with microphthalmos, aphakia, and persistent hyaloid, whereas the inner parts of the left eye appeared to be normal. The question remains to be answered whether this is an abortive cryptophthalmos leading to bilateral corneal metaplasia or a primary corneal metaplasia inhibiting the lid growth. No suggestions concerning the aetiology are made. The second case presented with a unilateral corneal metaplasia, normal eye lids, aphakia, and microphthalmos. This aberration was probably caused by an amniotic band, as it is associated with malformation of the nose on the same side. In case 2 the dermoid was excised and a lamellar corneal graft performed. The histology is reported.

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