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An automated statis perimeter/adaptometer using light emitting diodes.
  1. W. Ernst,
  2. D. J. Faulkner,
  3. C. R. Hogg,
  4. D. J. Powell,
  5. G. B. Arden and
  6. Vaegan


    An automated static perimeter/adaptometer is described which measures thresholds with lights of 2 wavelengths. The instrument uses light-emitting diodes to produce the stimuli and is controlled by a small computer, making it very suitable for clinical testing of large numbers of patients. The use of 2 LEDs with different peak emission wavelengths (530 and 660 nm) permits an assessment of the relative state of rod and cone mechanisms in a particular region of the retina either during dark adaptation or when the eye is fully dark adapted.

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