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Circulating antibodies against corneal epithelium and hookworm in patients with Mooren's ulcer from Sierra Leone.
  1. R van der Gaag,
  2. H Abdillahi,
  3. J S Stilma and
  4. J C Vetter


    A relationship between the occurrence of Mooren's ulcer and hookworm infections was suggested by Kuriakose in 1963. Sixteen patients with clinical diagnosis of Mooren's ulcer and 15 local controls from Sierra Leone were tested with respect to serum immunoglobulin levels, circulating antibody to hookworm, circulating antibodies to corneal epithelium, stool smears, and eosinophil and lymphocyte levels. Both patients and healthy controls had circulating antibodies to corneal epithelium and to hookworm. In the controls the titres of hookworm antibodies were significantly lower than in the patients, though in both groups most people had intestinal parasite infestations as detected by the stool smear. Further investigation failed to demonstrate any other significant immune alteration in the patients as compared with local controls.

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