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T-lymphocyte subpopulations in uveitis.
  1. P. I. Murray,
  2. W. J. Dinning and
  3. A. H. Rahi


    Following an inconclusive study of differential lymphocyte counts in uveitis in which the peripheral blood was examined only once in the course of each case a longitudinal study has been carried out in patients with acute anterior uveitis. Venous blood lymphocytes were examined at intervals throughout the course of the illness, from presentation until six months later. No changes in E-rosetting T cells or total lymphocyte values have been found, nor any variations from normal in the helper (OKT4)/suppressor (OKT8) T-cell ratio. Random studies performed in a sample of patients with heterochromic cyclitis have also failed to reveal consistent abnormalities in peripheral blood lymphocyte parameters.

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