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Exogenous ocular candidiasis associated with intravenous heroin abuse.
  1. T. C. Sorrell,
  2. C. Dunlop,
  3. P. J. Collignon and
  4. J. A. Harding


    Seven young men developed disseminated candidiasis within 10 days of a single episode of intravenous heroin abuse. Sequential development of eye and skin lesions was noted in all cases. The bone or costal cartilage was involved in five. Ocular manifestations of candidiasis included episcleritis, chorioretinitis, and endophthalmitis. A presumptive diagnosis of candida chorioretinitis was established rapidly by culture of Candida albicans from involved skin and costal cartilage. Systemic therapy with amphotericin B plus 5-fluorocytosine resulted in cure of the episcleritis, chorioretinitis, osteomyelitis, costochondritis, and skin infection. Pars plana vitrectomy with local instillation of amphotericin B was required to cure chorioretinitis associated with vitreal extension of infection.

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